Media Development 2015/3

Enabling People's Voices to be Heard

This issue of Media Development seeks to provide new thinking on how communication for social change can be better shaped by – and aligned with – the challenge of bringing about people-based, sustainable and meaningful transformation.

Featured Articles

  • On the screen

    On the screen

    At Visions Réel 2015 – the 46th international film festival held in Nyon (17-25 April 2015) – the Interreligious Jury awarded its Prize, to the film Mothers of the Gods (Madres de los dioses) directed by Pablo Agüero, Argentina, France (2015). The prize is endowed with 5000.‐ CHF contributed by the Swiss Catholic Church and Médias‐pro, the communication department of the Reformed Churches in French speaking Switzerland.

    Posted: August 16, 2015
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  • La tecnología ¿define la estructura de la sociedad?

    La tecnología ¿define la estructura de la sociedad?

    El filósofo francés Jaques Ellul, en la década del 1950, hablaba de La technique como la mentalidad moderna cuyo elemento determinante es la búsqueda permanente de la eficiencia en todas las actividades humanas, incluida el proceso tecnológico. “Technique es la totalidad de métodos racionalmente logrados y que tengan absoluta eficiencia (...) en todos los campos de la actividad humana.”

    By: Carlos A. Valle
    Posted: August 16, 2015
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  • The good society and building a culture of hope

    The good society and building a culture of hope

    Worldwide, people are living in a culture of fear. They see the horror of brutality through conventional media or in virtual communication every day that create a mindset of fear. But, people should not bear this legacy further when all of us envision a good and peaceful society for ourselves as well as for the next generation. How communication will play a role in eradicating fear from mind, life and society is the key point of this article.

    By: Mohammad Sahid Ullah
    Posted: August 16, 2015
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  • Media representation of Muslim youth in Australia

    Media representation of Muslim youth in Australia

    There is great contradiction between what a multicultural Australia promises its citizens – an egalitarian country that gives everyone a “fair go” irrespective of their race, religion and colour – and what the minorities and specifically Muslims face in the form of racism, discrimination, xenophobia and hostility which is prevalent both at the social and institutional level. This article provides a glimpse of marginalized “youth” who have never been heard of and provides insight into the challenges they have faced and are facing due to being a minority.

    By: Laya Matindoost
    Posted: August 16, 2015
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