Media Development 2015/4

Invisible Walls and Barriers

This issue of Media Development seeks to provide new thinking on how communication for social change can be better shaped by – and aligned with – the challenge of bringing about people-based, sustainable and meaningful transformation.

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  • Media Development examines barriers to communication

    Media Development examines barriers to communication
    “Invisible Walls and Barriers” explores some of the political, social, cultural and technological impediments to freedom of expression in today’s world.
    By: Staff
    Posted: December 03, 2015
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  • Valuing dialogue and respect in research

    Valuing dialogue and respect in research

    One factor that motivates research in the intersections between communication and development is our willingness to contribute to social change. Buzzwords (Cornwall & Brock, 2005) such as “participation” and “empowerment” indicate scholarly intentions to contribute towards more just and egalitarian societies. It is certainly an admirable cause. However, what do we do if our actions in the field contradict our well-meaning intentions?

    By: Leonardo Custódio
    Posted: November 16, 2015
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  • Media Development 2015/4 pdfs

    Media Development 2015/4 pdfs

    Media Development 2015/4

    Posted: November 16, 2015
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  • On the Screen

    On the Screen

    At the 12th Golden Apricot International Film Festival held in Yerevan, Armenia, 12-19 July 2015 the Ecumenical Jury awarded its Prize to the feature film in the section “Armenian Panorama” Moskvich My Love (still, below) directed by Aram Shabazyan (Armenia, 2014).

    Posted: November 16, 2015
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