C.R. School: Thoughts from Cameroon

Rev. Ebai Gustav Tabi of the Council of Protestant Churches of Cameroon (CEPCA), a WACC member and project partner, attended the recent “School on Communication Rights” organised by WACC in Nairobi from 11th to 15th December 2017.

This training was very relevant and useful to us. The content was very enriching. Our organisation CEPCA is engaging in a three-year focus on Human Rights and this training has helped us in the various aspects of Communication regarding Politics, Economy, Peace and Social Justice, Gender, Interfaith dialogue and even Digital platforms.

We are beginning a project now on the elections in Cameroon with the intention of setting a Protestant Elections Observatory. The Communication Rights School experience will be of great use.

We are also so grateful for the opportunity to network with other persons on the continent. Our greatest wish and prayer is that we get the opportunity of sharing our experiences among ourselves to build up the capacity we gained. We would love the opportunity of inviting one or two other participants to help us in our projects and training and the opportunity to go and support or share in their work too.

We thank WACC again for these opportunities. Hoping that just as WACC invests much for us to develop our capacities, WACC will also support us to put our capacities to use. Africa is flooded with organisations with all sorts of agendas and goals. We need to do more to promote critical communication.


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