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Demanding accountability from democratic structures

13/01/20 | (0) Comments |

It would be wonderful to begin 2020 with an upbeat account of communication rights being strengthened and protected around the world.

There are undoubtedly many instances of positive and exciting changes taking place. Unfortunately, the overall picture is dispiriting. Studies show that organisations like WACC, which advocate for and defend people’s right to communicate, still have much to do.

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Communicating with tenacity and courage

06/01/20 | (0) Comments |

How wonderful that three women have been nominated for the prestigious Martin Ennals Award – the first time the jury has named three women for this top human rights prize.

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Restoring the credibility of public service media

23/12/19 | (0) Comments |

Public service journalism has a noble track record. But in the Zuckerberg Era – so-called by veteran journalist, economist, and political commentator Roberto Savio, co-founder of the Inter Press Service news agency – it has lost the high ground.

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Social media – friend or foe?

16/12/19 | (0) Comments |

Freedom House’s latest report on the state of the Internet says, “Repressive regimes, elected incumbents with authoritarian ambitions, and unscrupulous partisan operatives have exploited the unregulated spaces of social media platforms, converting them into instruments for political distortion and societal control.”

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Russian censorship by another name

09/12/19 | (0) Comments |

In a digital era, Internet freedom is essential.

Internet freedom includes digital rights, freedom of information, the right to Internet access, freedom from censorship, and net neutrality.

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From global village to social isolation

02/12/19 | (0) Comments |

How is “digital” transforming the way we live?

Imagine the abode of the future – house, apartment, hotel room, log cabin, prison cell – equipped with a “plasma wall” incorporating all the telecommunications interfaces that enable social and cultural activity. Each wall would integrate computer screen, television, telephone, surveillance system (security and emergency), art and photo gallery, digital concert hall, memory and other personal devices.

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Enabling more people to benefit from the Internet

25/11/19 | (0) Comments |

Equitable access to the Internet is one of the claims of today’s communication rights.

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Can we decontaminate our democratic 'moral environment'?

18/11/19 | (0) Comments |

In January 1990, the President of Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel, warned his people, “The worst thing is that we live in a contaminated moral environment. We fell morally ill because we became used to saying something different from what we thought.”

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Media puppetry in Poland

08/11/19 | (0) Comments |

Here is an example of why media independence is vital to people everywhere.

In Poland, the ruling nationalist Law and Justice party (PiS) alleges the media are controlled by Germany and says foreign control should be stopped. The real aim is to bring the media into line with the politics of a country whose ranking in the annual World Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders has fallen every year that PiS has been in power – from 18th to 59th.

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It takes a village to keep children safe both online and offline

03/11/19 | (0) Comments |

Children now represent one third of all Internet users. This number is expected to increase once developing countries – where most of the world’s children live –become digitized. This is both exciting and worrisome. Exciting because it has been established that connectivity opens doors to new educational experiences, skills, and other benefits. Worrisome because of what we know and experience about the Internet’s darker side.

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