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Samantha Ryan

Samantha Ryan

Samantha Ryan has 12 years’ experience working in community media projects across print, radio, film and digital media. She has recently finished her Masters degree in Communication and Social Change. She works at the Centre for Communication and Social Change at the University of Queensland coordinating a range of different community engagement projects, as well as working across communications and research.

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  • Co-creative processes in the Big Stories Small Towns film project

    Co-creative processes in the Big Stories Small Towns film project

    Big Stories Small Towns is a multi-platform process-driven documentary project that works with communities to create micro documentaries, photography and digital stories. At the heart of Big Stories is a question - can you have both community ownership through process and a high-quality media product at the same time? In communication for social change literature, the discourse of participation has in many ways remained rigid while practice continues to evolve to meet audience and participant expectations. As process-driven media projects reach broadcast scale and quality, a more intimate and nuanced understanding of the co-creative process is needed.

    By: Samantha Ryan
    Posted: August 16, 2015
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