Chile: Building Communication for Effective, Relevant and Grounded Faith

By Terry Mutuku on January 27, 2012

Comunidad Teológica Evangélica de Chile (CTE), Chile
€ 10,000
Ref. 1711

The Protestant Theological Community of Chile (CTE) is a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to unite women and men belonging to different churches in accordance with its vision of providing a pastoral service for the people of Chile. After 20 years of democracy in the country, the CTE has noted the absence in public discourse of the voices of women, indigenous peoples, workers, students, children, the poor and marginalized who are facing problems posed by the economy, globalization, and the exploitation of natural resources. Through this project CTE intends to open up spaces of encounter, exchange and dialogue using alternative means of communication to promote citizens’ participation in responsible decision-making. The project will establish a web site to carry audio and video material originating in different local communities, and it will train community communicators to use online radio to share programmes, news, music and videos on important questions affecting the country. This request is for the purchase of studio equipment, coordination, production, and set-up costs.

Contact: Benjamin Gonzalo Rodriguez Avendaño
Community Communicator
Email:  or

January 27, 2012
Categories:  Ecumenism

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